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I had less than 200 calories yesterday. That's a first for me, but it came easily. Usually I'm so starving I just have to eat. I did have coffee, black, but it seems that the calories from a plain cup of coffee are almost negligible. Any info on that? And a piece of gum that was less than 5 calories. Then some animal crackers that were 110 a serving. I might have eaten one or one and a half servings. I wasn't even uncomfortable with that little intake. Today feels like it is going to same way so far. (Of course it is only 10 am.)

I weighed 110 yesterday and this morning, the scale stopped at 108. =]
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I either seem to want to eat an entire package of chocolate chip cookies from the grocery store's bakery, or not eat at all half the time. I hate that. Once it gets into my head that I want something "junkfood-wise" there's no stopping it. It seems like I can't feel better or even "okay" on those days, unless I give in to the food.

Funnily enough, I don't seem to be gaining weight from any of that over-eating.

Since I see posts with this, I'm going to post it, too (although I don't have a specific goal weight, really);

hw: 140
lw: 105
cw: 114
gw: 105 (I used to weigh this much 5 or 6 years ago)
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today hasnt been too bad,, i'm off school. i woke up and really just couldnt be bothered..  so i made myself puke.. i know i shouldnt have and i've probably got my mam suspicous but..   at the moment i really dont care at all...


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hey i thought id join this just cos i know how annoying it can be to create something and not have anyone take any interest in it haha. so is this a community for dieting and stuff, like bodyperfect? is it the kind of community where you can share and talk about diet tips and tricks or is it just for support? or both haha =)

oh btw my name is Amy =) and im 17 from England.
i dont know my current weight cos my mam took away my scales!
hw: 183 =| !!!!
lw: 120
gw1: 130
gw2: 110

i hope this kinda gets the ball rolling so people can maybe write the same sort of stuff and the community can just go from there =)