Queen of Spew (sapphiresaline) wrote in dyingforbones_x,
Queen of Spew

I had less than 200 calories yesterday. That's a first for me, but it came easily. Usually I'm so starving I just have to eat. I did have coffee, black, but it seems that the calories from a plain cup of coffee are almost negligible. Any info on that? And a piece of gum that was less than 5 calories. Then some animal crackers that were 110 a serving. I might have eaten one or one and a half servings. I wasn't even uncomfortable with that little intake. Today feels like it is going to same way so far. (Of course it is only 10 am.)

I weighed 110 yesterday and this morning, the scale stopped at 108. =]

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    I'm down to 111 now. From 140-ish two years ago. I keep willing the the indicator on the scale to move, dammit.

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    I either seem to want to eat an entire package of chocolate chip cookies from the grocery store's bakery, or not eat at all half the time. I hate…

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    today hasnt been too bad,, i'm off school. i woke up and really just couldnt be bothered.. so i made myself puke.. i know i shouldnt have and…

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